Is a routine blogging practice on my horizon?

I recently took a few days to reflect and recharge. I tirelessly watched the sunrise as it gradually gave definition to the waves that swelled, crested, and crashed beneath it, all without a digital device interrupting me.

As I watched intently and uninterrupted, I thought a lot about my reflective practices, processes, and tools this year.  I had thought I would have an opportunity to do more blogging this year, but for many reasons, this hasn’t been the case.

Instead,  I have spent a lot of time learning and making sense of many changes with colleagues via conversations and collaborative projects. 

I also found ways to maintain some “pre-blogging” activities such as collecting bookmarks, writing lots of notes, journaling, taking pictures of images that represent useful metaphors,  and continuing to work to improve my sketchnote making and doodling abilities.


Sunrise – 2015 was not quite the year of getting into a routine blogging habit, but I did manage to work toward it.

Even though I didn’t develop a routine blogging habit this year, these pre-blogging activities are helping me move closer to developing a blogging habit in the following ways…

  • developing better insights, or perhaps a tighter focus for my blogging goals
  • developing better repositories of images and ideas
  • establishing and improving my systems to organize, collect and create materials around my blogging goals and across digital and social platforms.
  • providing opportunities to develop better overall visual communication skills

Keeping these ideas in mind, I know that I need to set some priorities, deadlines, and boundaries for myself if I’d like to start blogging on a routine basis. Here are my current ideas for beginning to establish a blogging routine:

  • Use a few select blog categories to focus blog writing, idea and image collections, in a way that contributes to a greater discussion. Quite serendipitously, I ran across John’s Stepper new post about goal setting and purposeful discovery which helps illuminate more ideas on this topic.
  • Make a blog topics spreadsheet, with a ‘priority’ column, and category column that I can use to make decisions about what I should blog about first and how these topics relate to my goals.
  • Commit to sharing my story when I go to an event or present at a conference.
  • Blog with fewer words. (I’m considering limiting myself to approximately 400 words for awhile.)
  • Use more visual prompts and metaphors.
  • Start with a realistic goal (e.g. 1 blog post per month?).
  • Set an appropriate time aside.  (I’m working on determining what this means.)
  • Learn how others have set and mastered committing to this habit.

Having this list is a bit like seeing the sunrise over the horizon. There is more I’ll have to do, more questions to answer, and more I’ll have to commit to in order to see the daylight of establishing a more routine blogging practice. In the meantime, I’m learning a lot, which in itself is worth taking the time to establish the practice.

Had an amazing 3 days of watching the sun rise over the lake this week.

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4 thoughts on “Is a routine blogging practice on my horizon?

  1. what a wonderful post! It really resonated with me as I want to create realistic goals regarding my blogging too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Sarah. I’m glad to hear this post resonated with you. I’m trying to remind myself that this is a long term practice, and even the pro’s usually have to put in several years before they get really good at routine blogging. As you set realistic goals for yourself, please keep in touch, I’d be interested in knowing what you find works for you!

  2. Hi Karen. Love this post. There are some great ideas in here. I was in a regular blogging routine but feel out of it. I like the reminder to start small (goal of 1 a month) and also keeping a blog topics spreadsheet. The other one that I need to adapt – is shorter posts. They don’t always need to be long. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Kate, I think you are doing such a great job sharing what you are learning. I aspire to blog as routinely as you have this year. As I try to get back into the routine of keeping up with my colleagues and PLN, I realized that even though I follow your blog, I don’t think I’m getting email updates, so I re-subscribed or re-categorized your feed in Feedly today. I hope that will help me do a better job of keeping up with your posts. Maybe 2016 is the year to achieve or even surpass our blogging goals. I’d love to hear what goals you would like to set for 2016. Thanks again for your thoughts. They always motivate me to keep moving forward!

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