Should I work out loud (narrate the present) on my blog or elsewhere

Sketch to ask myself where to narrate my work in the present. I think it has something to do with the overlap between working and learning out loud.


4 thoughts on “workingoutloud-narratingpresent-onblog

  1. I can’t see where you fix the difference between Learning and Working. Isn’t it a kind of chicken and egg question? As soon as we write or share we are dealing with something that aim as existing as knowledge (from latent to readily applicable). If it comes from somewhere else you are learning and sharing could cause social learning to happen.If you work what you share is knowledge you have, uncover or further formalize. Still the matter is always knowledge.

    – Sharing takes time. Is it worth it? From my experience althout conter intuitive the answer is yes.I get earlier feedback from my ideas, someties I even get solutions.
    – Sharing allows to force retainion, articulate further good.

    What I see on the other side are the frictions.

    – Sharing is risky because it could expose our knowledge gaps.
    – Sharing could reveal what we really work on causing confidentiality and privacy issues.
    – We don’t want to share a piece full of typos so it takes time to read again.
    – It has to make sense. Fractional shares are hard to follow.

    For all theses reasons I will usually share on my notes first and made them public. Afterward same as you Twitter or Blog.This implies a small delay but allows also not to interrupt my work all the time. I typically do it during my breaks.

    • Bruno, I think your list of frictions is right on target and would be a good topic for me to address. There is an art to overcoming these frictions. For this reason, I think it would be helpful for me to take some time to think of ways that I am overcoming or have yet to overcome these frictions. Thank you for sharing these insights. I have been meaning to think through a working out loud strategy for a while now. This gives me a good point at which to start 🙂

      • Karen, I’m glad my comment was helpful. I’m kind of afraid to see all the typos I left in it. I will try to improve my grammar for my next comment. We end up having both objectives.

      • I’d much rather have a helpful comment left with typos then no comment at all 🙂 (And, actually, I didn’t really see the typos left until now!)

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